Windows(tested on 2000, XP, Vista) Download
Windows Logo Executable installer for Windows 2000, XP, Vista (and probably other Windows versions).

Macintosh OS X Download
Mac OS X Logo Mac OS X universal disk image (.dmg) file for Intel-based and PPC-based Macs running OS-X 10.4 ("Tiger") and later.

Alternatively, if you have MacPorts installed, the latest version of TuxMath can be installed by simply typing:
sudo port install tuxmath

Ubuntu and other Debian-based Linux
Ubuntu Logo If you run Debian simply open a terminal and run:
sudo aptitude install tuxmath
For Ubuntu users or anyone who prefers "apt-get" over "aptitude", the command is:
sudo apt-get install tuxmath

RPM-based Linux
RPM Logo The Tux4Kids applications are available in the standard repositories of all major (GNU)-Linux distributions, and can be installed using the package manager. For the latest versions, individual RPM packages for TuxMath and TuxType can be found by searching the OpenSUSE Build Service. 32-bit and 64-bit packages are available for all recent versions of Fedora, OpenSUSE, and Mandriva.

Source Download
Gears Standard *.tar.gz "tarball" source archive, suitable for building using "./configure; make; sudo make install". IMPORTANT - now TuxMath requires that the t4k_common library be installed first (see below). See the README and INSTALL files for list of required libs.

t4k_common library Download
Gears Standard *.tar.gz "tarball" source archive for the t4k_common library. This must be installed before building tuxmath-1.9.0 (or later) from source. The Windows binary already has t4k_common included. The t4k_common libary can be built with "./configure; make; sudo make install" like other standard packages. See README and INSTALL for details.

For other files (GPG signatures, hashes, and old releases), a complete listing is available on the released files page.
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