Tux4kids has now officially switched from Subversion to Git. The old monolithic "tux4kids" svn repository has been replaced by six git repositories, one for each subproject, located at git.debian.org/git/tux4kids/*:

Browsable Links:

  • http://git.debian.org/?p=tux4kids/tuxmath.git
  • http://git.debian.org/?p=tux4kids/tuxtype.git
  • http://git.debian.org/?p=tux4kids/tuxhistory.git
  • http://git.debian.org/?p=tux4kids/tux4kids-web.git
  • http://git.debian.org/?p=tux4kids/tux4kids-admin.git
  • http://git.debian.org/?p=tux4kids/t4kcommon.git

  • Cloning the Repositories:

    1. Push-enabled ("read/write") cloning for members of the Tux4Kids project on Alioth: (obviously replacing YOUR_ALIOTH_USERID with your actual login, and REPO.git with the name of the desired repository).

    git clone git+ssh://YOUR_ALIOTH_USERID@git.debian.org/git/tux4kids/REPO.git

    You will be prompted for your alioth password each time you use the repository.

    2. Pull-only ("read-only") cloning:

    git clone git://git.debian.org/git/tux4kids/REPO.git


    git clone http://git.debian.org/git/tux4kids/REPO.git

    Note that the autogenerated documentation under the SCM tab at https://alioth.debian.org/projects/tux4kids assumes a single global "tux4kids" repository, and thus does not work as described there. Hopefully this will be corrected in the near future. There are two remaining known issues with the migration to git. Namely, there are a couple of areas from the old repository that are not included in the six new git repositories, namely "tuxmath/people", "branches/commonification/tuxmath", and "branches/commonification/tuxtype".

    To become a member of Tux4kids, apply for an Alioth account and request to be added to our project. Once you have approval, you can clone any of the repositories as described in #1 above, and will have privileges to push changes to the server.
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